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Sling Hurls Baseball



    On the fun side of things, a sling made of canvas and cord and very similar to that which David used to kill Goliath in Old Testament times, can be used to throw a baseball further and faster than the same human arm. It is based on the law of "centripetal acceleration," in which an object in motion at a further distance from its center or fulcrum point moves at a faster rate of speed than objects closer to its center. In other words, it explains why tall baseball pitchers can more easily throw faster - as their arc and length of arm moves the ball faster. The following Christian Sling Archeology Information site link describes it in more detail.

    As an experiment four years ago, Stephen Dolle designed and fabricated a sling to pitch a baseball harder than he would ordinarily be capable of with only an aging arm. As a former pitcher, and with a son pitching in college, he could still use a sling learned during his youth, and used again as an adult. Mr. Dolle's demonstration and use of a sling to accurately throw a baseball is an extraordinary example of a law of science. It requires a high level of skill and practice, but a properly made sling can hurl a baseball significantly faster and further than the arm alone.

    For more information on the use of this sling to throw a baseball, submit your inquiry via either web or U.S. mail on this Contact Us page.