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Dolle Communications provides workplace and wellness drum circles, hydrocephalus monitoring, and cognitive neurosciences services in Orange County, CA.

Drumming services include drum circles in the workplace for team-building, workplace wellness, stress reduction, and sports teams where we're written programs for both basketball and football. Under health & wellness, we put on drumming workshops and drum circles for seniors, for brain health, addiction treatment, and for a variety of wellness programs. All drum events are done at your place of business or designated location. Facilitator & founder, Stephen Dolle, also speaks and offers health consults on drumming for brain health.

In consideration of all of our neurosciences efforts, we've created a new web page entitled Cognitive Neurosciences where we lists all of our papers, web pages, and many (not all yet) of our blogs. This spans drum circles and drumming therapy, hydrocephalus, sensory processing disorders, cognitive accessibility, and mHealth apps.

Stephen Dolle continues to provide hydrocephalus monitoring consults based on his earlier DiaCeph Test for hydrocephalus. You will also find FREE monitoring forms & instructions to conduct your own monitoring. On our blog, Stephen write about hydrocephalus monitoring and his advocacy efforts with

Stephen writes on drumming, mHealth mobile apps, and other neuroscience topics on his DolleCommunications blog. He writes about the use of mHealth mobile apps in hydrocephalus, neurological disorders, sensory processing disorders, and migraine. Starting in May 2016, we are offering FREE Android downloads ($4.99 value) of the popular Elecont eWeather HD app which we write about for managing weather triggers of migraine headache.

Stephen is also available for speaking and consulting on hydrocephalus, drum circles, brain health and learning, mHealth, and cognitive accessibility. We own the domain, but for now it points to a page here on our site.

Stephen spoke on drumming and STEM3 education at Wright State University in 2011. His power point "Engage the Rhythms of your Brain" as well as other slides are available on His drumming presentation covers brain science, drumming methods, STEM3 discussions, learning, and behavioral health in schools.                           

Visit our DolleCommunications Blog. Below, are a few of our most popular blogs on drumming, hydrocephalus, and sensory processing disorder (SPD). 





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Contact us in California (Pacific Standard Time) contact[at]DolleCommunications[dot]com or at (949) 642-4592.