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Updated: Feb. 28, 2018

Stephen appeared twice in 2017 on the Club for Creative Expression TV show Ch. 6 in Laguna Woods, California. In December 2017 below, he shares his early challenges with hydrocephalus and a series of shunt operations that led to his research in the neurosciences and his work with drumming. Later in the show, he shares how to tap into the intuitive and creative centers of your brain.

Stephen Dolle in December 2017 on Laguna Woods TV Channel 6: Drumming for the Brain


In June 2017, Stephen had his first interview on the "Club for Creative Expression" TV show on Ch. 6 in Laguna Woods, California. He shared much of his neurosciences research and work, and how he became a patient advocate, early mHealth developer, and eventually a drum circle facilitator as he is known for today. Later in the show, he introduces the audience to drumming, and then drumming for basketball.

Stephen Dolle Interview June 2017 on his Efforts in the Neurosciences Laguna Woods TV Channel 6


    In December 2014, Stephen published his own personal business for keynote speaking

    We are in development of a site for to offer advocacy and design consulting to address the challenges of living with cognitive disability and cognitive disorders. We have added two new web page sections at Dolle Communications on cognitive accessibility, and the cognitive neurosciences.

    Earlier in 2014, we published the site for awareness, art, and fun stuff for hydrocephalus. We feature cool artwork here, and write "super hero" fictional stories for hydrocephalus.  We also have a corresponding fan page on

    Stephen Dolle shares his extraordinary story and drumming discoveries in this keynote and Power Point, "Engage the Rhythms of your Brain," presented at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, on October 5, 2011, as part of their STEAM3 music education series:

   In 2010 & 2011, we put on some fantastic drum circles at area senior centers with gerontologist, Julie Freelove-Charton and her Travel Fit Club. Julie is a professor at San Diego State University.  Below, is local news coverage of his drum circle at the H. Louis Lake Senior Center in Garden Grove, California.

August 2011 Drum Circle & Local News Coverage: H. Louis Lake Senior Center, Garden Grove, CA



Earlier News

    In 2008, we acquired the domain and Stephen can be found on Twitter under the user name "Professor Mac." He has been working on two books covering his experiences in drumming and the brain, and his pursuits in the neurosciences, hydrocephalus, and patient advocacy possible title of the DiaCeph Story. Listen to Stephen speak on YouTube in a recent local interview on group drumming and the rhythms of your brain.

    We hold drum circle workshops and keynotes for corporate, sports, teamwork, and personal development applications with a focus on team-building and non-verbal communications. In addition, Stephen delivers keynotes on his research with the rhythms of the brain and speaks to how group drumming can be an excellent music outreach tool for at risk teens via his philanthropy proposal and "Play Rhythm be Smart" program.

    We continue to update our web section on the neurological disorder, hydrocephalus. Stephen now offers shunt monitoring and hydrocephalus consults to individuals and families affected by hydrocephalus. Here, he host some of his consult reports. We continue to seek a partner to develop the DiaCeph Test, which today could run on a mobile phone platform.

    Come and view Stephen's amazing hydrocephalus paper, "Shunt Selection Model," with brain scan images, analysis, and discussion of outcomes using his own DiaCeph monitoring. This paper describes a single ICP tap along with his DiaCeph Test protocol for monitoring of shunted and ETV-treated hydrocephalus.

    We supported the bill before Congress, HR 1084 (Anna Eshoo, D, CA), to end the practice of raising the volume of your TV during television commercials, known to trigger neurological sequela and behavioral problems in persons with neurological and sensory integration disorders. In 2002, we undertook and published a very telling and related 2002 study on sound and sensory integration, that evaluated the brain's response to various types of audio rhythmic patterns.

     In 2008, we worked on an initiative to create a mobile phones & AI category of smart phones designed around "assistive technology" applications to aid seniors, persons with cognitive dysfunction.

    In March 2007, we submitted the DiaCeph Test to the American Electronics Association (AeA) 2007 High Tech Awards Contest.

    A music download is available for the healing instrumental song, "Evening Solstice."

    We host a free file download of the 2003 book, "William Lodge: The 19th Century Entrepreneur," written by the late W. L Dolle, Jr., the long time CEO of the Lodge & Shipley Co., of Cincinnati, Ohio.